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Budapest possesses Roman ruins, still operating Turkish baths, the heritage of the Gothic and Baroque periods, as well as architectural masterpieces of the Art Nouveau and Bauhaus in close proximity. In addition, the city boasts two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Banks of the Danube since 1987, and Andrássy Avenue since 2002.
Even if you are strolling randomly around the city, you will bump into many buildings and districts which all have their own histories and a very special atmosphere. The subsequent pages help visitors discover the many faces of Budapest by offering city walks and tours ranging from well-known monuments to individual, sometimes also startling solutions.
Budapest is big enough in order to be able to complement obligatory visits by thematic tours, as even after a longer guided walk of the city, you will have many wonders that you have not yet discovered. By taking one of the special walking tracks, participating in a tour highlighting a specific part of the city or embarking on a rickshaw tour, you can enhance your knowledge of Budapest while having tremendous fun.
Churches and Memorials
You can take part in a tour spanning from antiquity until present-day times by visiting some of the ancient Roman monuments, churches and ecclesiastical buildings in Budapest. You have the opportunity to experience world religions meeting architecture in a spectacular fashion, as the history and art of many centuries unfold before your eyes while you are taking a rest in the pews.
With kids
Budapest is an ideal place for the kids to have fun. However, it is worth checking in advance at what locations you can find the best activities for the age group of your interest.

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